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A.K.M. Diary Products is not just famous among ice cream lovers but also among people who wish to have a successful, In short, we are quite chosen when it comes to people who wish take franchisees.

We give franchisee to the people who are looking to run the business and own a business with dedication and giving full time business. We don't need investor's mind set franchises, we give franchisee to the people who are individual and focused to operate a store as full time business. The company will give franchisee to the people who are looking at franchisee options in their own cities only

The Commitment to succeed is another vital ingredient. Food and beverage service is a business that requires managerial attention, a mid-term to long-term horizon, and a daily focus on details to make sure customers are satisfied consistently

Passion is one side and money is another side and business is that one, which blends them beautifully. As they are many commercial aspects involved in managing business...

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We deliver special parties and events such as Weddings, Name Ceremony, home and outdoor events and etc.